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School Front 2014

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Our Vision


As the California School garden Network proclaims...This is our wish for our children at Henry Haight

".. by encouraging and supporting a garden in Henry Haight, we create opportunities for our children to discover fresh food, make healthier food choices, and become better nourished.

Gardens offer dynamic, beautiful settings in which to integrate every discipline, including science, math, reading, environmental studies, nutrition, and health. Such interdisciplinary approaches cultivate the talents and skills of all students while enriching the students' capacities of observation and thinking.

Young people can experience deeper understanding of natural systems and become better stewards of the Earth by designing, cultivating, and harvesting school gardens with their own hands.

School garden projects nurture community spirit, common purpose, and cultural appreciation by building bridges among students, school staff, families, local business, and organizations."

Garden and Green

Haight Garden

13.jpg 575920_3272073253059_343187383_n.jpg 2.jpg 5.jpg 9.jpg 602866_10200559312057652_163084768_n.jpg 1237036_10200559310977625_1861014950_n.jpg 1391644_3448489827102_628685739_n.jpg 1385178_3448489547095_1301523230_n.jpg 1384171_3448492027157_1596216150_n.jpg 1381857_10202103129038714_1398658695_n.jpg 541898_3448488907079_1202546752_n.jpg 564051_3448489347090_441528033_n.jpg 1186188_3448489947105_1092647357_n.jpg 1375671_3448492107159_269649321_n.jpg 1375324_10202103127278670_1629124467_n.jpg 1377275_10202103128238694_2089234282_n.jpg 1378661_10202103126518651_1978658901_n.jpg 996746_10201110144708124_574910444_n.jpg 1391689_10151715970931190_1633699761_n.jpg 1501710_10201111937552944_268862298_n.jpg 1528722_10201111938232961_1395617636_n.jpg Baby Steps The Outline Mulch...Mulch...Mulch Santa Claus ,likes Mulch Karen working hard Our Front Garden Our Front Garden Our Front Garden Our Front Garden Our Front Garden Our Front Garden Beautifying the Planter Box Area Beautifying the Planter Box Area Kids and Parents working together Gardening with Kids A Transformation Art and Gardening Our First Vegetables Proud Artist It is Growing Active Parents Plants make a Difference Starting to teach Starting to teach june 2012 021.jpg june 2012 023.jpg

Grants 2013 - 2014

2013-2014 Grants:

logo.pngWe have the Whole Kids Foundation grant. https://www.wholekidsfoundation.org/




We have are proud recipients of the Alameda Education Advisory Board Mini Grant for the composting system going through, too. download.jpg




Last years Grants

 Yes To Hope 2012 Grant Recipients  


California Fertilizer Grant Recipient CFF_LOGO_SML.gif

The California Fertilizer Foundation accepted our application and we are happy to announce that we will be the 2012 grant recipients!


Thank you for a generous donation

Thanks a million to Cari Turley, who donated a soil kit. We will start using the kit for the next Science Fair with some of the kids from the Learning Center!

Garden, Haight