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April is Poetry Month!

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3-5 Learning Links

Tips for Finding Websites for your Research

You have a life science report and your topic is Sharks. If you enter the word, sharks, into the Google search bar you will get 129,000,000 results!  How do you get through all that to find the information you need to complete your assignment?  

Here are a couple of things to do:

  • Instead of going to Google go to Britannica School.  It is an online encyclopedia with high-quality, current articles about almost any topic you can think of. Click on the Britannica icon on the main page of this website
  • If you go to Google narrow down your search with key words to limit the results. 
  • Be careful using Wikipedia - the information is not always correct.  
  • Avoid websites that have ads or end in .com - they are trying to sell you something and are not as concerned about real facts as you and your teacher are. 
  • Make sure the websites you find on Google are: 
  1.  Authoritative  -  find out who created the website.  Is there an author? 
  2.  Up-to-date  -  find a date if you can. 
  3.  Well-organized - Make sure the website looks professional and is not cluttered with advertisements or sloppy graphics.

Websites for State Reports


1. Go to Britannica and type the name of your state into the search bar.  Get an article full of facts about your state as well as videos, images and other websites!  Click on the Britannica icon on the Haight Media Center Main Page.


2.  Go to the official government website for your state. Find out who the current governor is and more!   These websites usually end in .gov.  For example, the official website for California is www.ca.gov.  For Massachusetts the official website is www.mass.gov.  Alabama's site is www.alabama.gov.  In the Google search field type the name of your state, and then type the words: official website.


2.  National Geographic has facts about the states as well as rap songs about the states!



3.  Play a Game:  FIND THAT STATE     

   https://www.bls.gov/k12/content/games/geography-quiz/geography-quiz.htm . See if you know where the states are located in the U.S. by playing this game by the U.S.Bureau of Labor.


Keyboarding Practice

Research Support Tools








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